Beauty Inspiration Found; Water for Elephants.

8 May

I recently watched the movie “Water for Elephants” starring Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson. I know what you are thinking, what is this tween icon doing with the gorgeous Reese? I was slightly skeptical of the pairing however the movie came out beautifully! The couple complimented each other wonderfully, the story was outstanding! I would recommend this movie to anyone, well, unless you’re a man.

Now onto the good stuff…The story was set back during the depression so early 1930’s, the costumes, makeup and props were true to time. Most of the outfits you saw Reese in were costume type, true to her “carni” nature. She was either very overdressed or in performance attire and only seen in casual clothing a few times. Some of my favorite looks included a beautiful white satin dress, a red satin piece, gorgeous brooding black gown, and one of her casual looks. Now sadly I could find no pictures of the beautiful red dress from the movie however if you watch the movie…you won’t need the pictures. Here are a couple of stills from my favorite dressier pieces.

First major outfit...


Said brooding black dress I wish I could find a pic. of the back its amazing!

Now this is more focused on the makeup and the feel of the outfits, the picture with Reese wearing the headscarf is basically all you need to see, the scarf stole the show. She was wearing it with a blouse and riding pants. The headpiece was however the essence of the outfit. The second picture shows the makeup and hair worn with the red dress at a speakeasy the group was attending. The clothes and the makeup tell so much about the character and the way they are thinking and feeling. The red dress was sultry which was very appropriate for the scene in the movie (no spoiler here!) the makeup is doing the same, dark deep eyes, dark red lips, curly bedhead hair, this woman was on a roll! The stylist for Reese also said that there was a meaning behind every major outfit and look. Which if you watch this movie you are sure to see! I leave you with the last two pictures, I hope you all enjoy this and also enjoy the movie I know I did.

Dark Eyes, Dark Lips, Haunting Gaze…WOW
Casual 30’s Chic

W/ Love and Inspiration


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