Top 10 Beauty and Fashion Tips

13 Feb

So there are a few really easy things you can do to keep yourself looking great! Some of them I have a hard time sticking to but I know that they are necessary! Most of this tips are universal, however, as with any beauty and fashion information make sure to apply them to your experiences with your own particular body chemistry and style.

Fashion Top 5

1. Know your colors – You may have a super cute shirt on that fits your perfectly, but if it washes out your skin, makes you look like you have bags under your eyes, and turns your skin a putrid green color, the cut of that shirt wont matter one bit, I’m serious.

2. Know your body shape – If you are like a lot of us, and have a little bit of tummy, crop tops, super tights elastic tops (no one should be wearing these in the first place, but just in case) and really tight tucked in tops are some of the things we just shouldnt wear. Opt for a wrap dress, sheer blouse with a camisole underneath, or something that keeps the extra love from poking out.

3. Know your sizes – A lot of women have a difficult time buying pants when they have gone up a size. I can’t stress this enough, no one knows what size your pants are, but they can see they are too small when you have sausag-ed your size 10 love handles into a size 7 jean. I know this because I have done it and realized, as long as I look put together and stylish no one cares what size pants I’m wearing. WEAR WHAT FITS!

4. Dress appropriately for your occasion – Being slightly overdressed is fine, but don’t wear a ball gown to a business event, or jeans and a t-shirt to a semi formal party. It just makes one look ill prepared and un-informed.

5. Don’t worry about labels – A lot of times people are so caught up in labels they spend all this money on something that doesn’t last or that isn’t practical to their lifestyle. Yes big name brands are said to have better quality, however, I can tell you I have had a cardigan from Target in my closet that I wear all the time that has lasted for 2 years, and is still in style. I bought a cardigan from J. Crew and it pilled the 3rd time I washed it. I shelled out triple for that cardigan what I payed for the Target one. HELLO. So shop within your budget, buy higher priced items only if they are in fact higher quality, and make sure you are going to use them! You don’t have to go broke for fashion!

Top 5 Beauty Tips

1. WATER WATER WATER – This one I have a hard time with because I am ridiculously picky about how my water tastes, weird I know. But this is crucial all year around. It helps your body function at its full potential, it aides your skin in staying hydrated, keeps up your energy levels, keep you from confusing hunger with thirst, and the list goes on. JUST DRINK IT, if you do like water add lemon, orange or lime slices. Sometimes I take my favorite flavored tea and let it steep in a water bottle (NO SUGAR) and I have flavored water with a little extra caffeine.

2. Speaking of caffeine – This one is tough as well, but keep the caffeine levels to a minimum. I love my coffee in the morning, however, if you are downing 2 monsters on top of your coffee, that’s a little much. On top of completely messing with your skin it also has some pretty nasty side effects on your body as in kidney stones….yuck. So for beauty and health concerns drink your coffee but keep the crazy caffeine pumps to days that you HAVE to have them.

3. Exfoliate twice a week – This is just a guideline, some people need to do it more or less. My skin is regular with an excessively dry T-Zone and this works for me. I also choose to do a cucumber mask once a week just to help get all the trapped stuff I wasn’t able to reach with my usual skin care routine.

4.Try to eat a well-balanced diet – I know most of us fall prey to the random movie theatre popcorn binge, or the quick meal from burger king on a busy night. However, making sure you have the right vitamins and minerals in your body for it to work with is vital. How do you expect your body to keep you beautiful if you fill it with nasty junk? I am not saying never eat fast food again, or don’t enjoy your Friday pizza night. However, I am saying that throughout the week make a conscious effort to switch your bag of chips for snap peas or grapes. Drink water instead of soda. According to for every 25 days you drink water in place of soda or other sugary drinks you can drop one pound. That doesn’t sound like a lot but how many days are in a year? Think about it. Just small changes like these can help your body inside and out look and feel a little better.

 5. Take care of your skin – you only get one epidermis, take care of it. Yes it dies and regenerates, but what I say still stands, you don’t get to take it off put it in the washer and it comes out brand new and all spiffed up. What you do to it now, effects you years from now as well as immediately. Not enough water, smoking, excessive drinking, large amounts of sun exposure with no sunscreen, pulling at your skin, not moisturizing it, these all contribute to your skin looking dry, flaky, wrinkly and unpleasant. Take care of it, it will show its gratitude by looking beautiful and healthy.

I hope these help you, and offer some good advice on molding yourself into a well dressed healthier you!! If you have any questions shoot me a message or a comment.

Take care of yourself because there will only be one of you….ever!

W/ Love and Advice


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