New 2011 Fashion Trends that are “Springing” Up Everywhere!

3 Feb

 As we all know trends usually are a mix of the old and the new, and this year is no exception. Keep in mind with these upcoming styles that they are not all for you. Looking at the trends and molding them to keep in sync with your personal style is what fashion is all about. So take these following “key looks” with a grain of salt and think about what compliments you and your lifestyle/body.

Firstly, the color for this season is honeysuckle. It is a beautiful shade, almost a dusty rose with a hint of baby pink or a less purple fuchsia. It’s a beautiful color it compliments most skin tones, it is seen in decorating as well as in clothing choices.

Honeysuckle. Google Images

The first style is 70’s glamour. The 70’s seem to stay on trend in one way or another. This season the elements are 70’s glamour and bohemian. This means super blousy sheer tops, floor length high waisted denim trousers (elongates the legs beyond belief!), headbands, floppy hats, thin belts, long cascading maxis and large glamorous jewels!

Highwasted trousers with a billowy blouse


Nautral tones with a skinny belt and a great bag

 Biker/hardcore is the next look that is coming out, we saw this a couple seasons ago with the leather biker jackets but has always played awkward stepsister to the military trend. However this year the biker jacket is back and bigger than ever, some are seen belted, quilted, or side zipped. They are ultra flattering for most body types. Other elements of this trend are the boots, pants, themed skirts, and zippered sleeves. Punk is also influencing our trends, not so much as last season, but it is adding a little more rock to our pieces. Studs, zippers, clunky boots, and safety pins are something to look for if you are interested in carrying out this trend.

Burberry Biker looks...stunning


A take on the Punk trend

Lady in the 60’s is one of my favorite trends that have been revamped for this season. This trend looks amazing on most of us with a body! This look encompasses sheath dresses cut at the knee, circle skirts, fresh fun colors and prints, full skirts, school teacher calf length skirts, headbands, and a good structured bag. The whole idea is to enhance your silhouette making you look super feminine while at the same time maintaining a classy appearance.

Wonderful Sheath in a Fun Color

Circle Skirts

 Some other little tidbits to look for are sheer maxis, lace, tassels, crochet, bell bottoms, wide leg pants, tail hems (cut longer in the back then the front) stripes, jumpsuits, and crop tops.

For my personal style some of these things will not be seen on my body ever, however; some people look good in crop tops or crochet blouses. In any case, take these styles and do with them what you will, most of them will flatter a wide range of figures. If you would like any help, advice or questions on how to style these, let me know and I will be more than happy to do that for you.

W/ Love and Trends


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