Nine to Five well….8 to 3 but still!

28 Jan

Hello Beauties!

So I am slowly exploring the world of video blogging. I have an account as stated previously that I use mainly for hauls, outfit of the days, beauty tips, and some new things to come! I have one outfit post for you all, my clothes have not been anything stupendous, I haven’t had time to go clothes shopping, and my weight has been fluctuating quite a bit due to a sick stint I went through…YUCK! However, I did get quite a few comments on this outfit and I also felt very sassy and fashion-esque.

Trying to layer, wear a dress and still be cute!
Picture of my messy updo..
Close Up Of Hair

So in this outfit I work, gifted vintage Hillard and Hanson blazer, Ann Taylor dress, Wet Seal tank, Claire’s tights, Unknown boots, Pac Sun Earrings, Brighton bracelet. I hope you all enjoy! Have a wonderful day beauties.

W/ Love and TGIF

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