Happy New Year Beauties!

5 Jan

The ladies of the evening!

With work starting back up, trying to reorganize our house, start our fitness regime and blogging for a certain store (details to come) my life has been a little nuts. So I am sorry for not being totally consistent with my posts.  Not much has happened in the way of life, I choose not to make resolutions for the New Year, rather, mental notes to do better at things I have gotten mad at myself for in the past! Less disappointing! I have an outfit post for you though! See I managed to do one thing in the jumble of the new month!

Red lipstick and loose waves for NYE with my new Fur Coat!

As you can see I am being very “Fashionista-esque” by forgetting to put on my black 4 inch stilettos …..not. Now to the good stuff, the blazer is vintage Hillard and Hanson (gift), top is BeBe (13.95 consignment), skinnies are F21 ($9.50), and the shoes I was wearing were Charlotte Russe ($20.00), with a cuff from Lia Sophia ($12.95 consignment), and necklace from Target ($14.00). I love my blazer, it goes with anything and classes up any outfit. I knew I was going to be eating and drinking a little more than the normal house visit sooo… I went with a pleated baby doll, which is a little outdated but I wanted to be festive!

At least my socks matched!!

Now with my outfit post I am wearing an Anne Taylor Dress (gift) , Kmomo tights ($4), Old navy layering black shirt($2.50 sale) (under the dress)  , SO dress worn as a cover (gift), Fossil belt (gift), thrifted necklaces, and boots so old I can’t remember where they are from (gift from hubby)!!This outfit was a hit with the ladies at school today! We had a full conversation about it, which is my secret goal, whenever they don’t know what to wear, for me to pop in their head as the go to girl for fashion, shopping, and style!!! Mua ha ha….alright dramatic but you get it. I am getting a little more creative and branching out with my style, it will be nice to see the documentation as my style changes this year! Well beauties, until next time.

 W/ Love and a Fresh New Start!!

School clothes.


One Response to “Happy New Year Beauties!”

  1. Cyndi Walker January 15, 2011 at 10:28 am #

    Very cute!! awaiting your reply to my message on Facebook….(newest question for the New Year!!)

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