Ahh coffee and some saturday thrifting!

19 Dec

  Yesterday was my thrift day, I ReSell in order to make a little money on the side. So I needed to stock back up for my e bay account. FUN FUN!! I found a lot of stuff for myself and my house (of course) but I also scored some pretty killer stuff for my account. I found a vintage Paoli scarf that is super cute, green with polka dots, then and Elie Tahari top, I paid about $4.00 for the two of them. I wanted to share some pictures with you because I love love love what I found yesterday!!!

Said scarf, which I love!

Vintage Perfume Tray, which is for me and my paris/audrey inspired bathroom 🙂

 I also wanted to post my outfit, now mind you I do not have a tripod…or enough space to take a full picture so this is the best I have. But, I wanted to show you that when you go hardcore thrift shopping a certain type of clothing can save you TONS of time and TONS of energy. If you wear a basic colored tight tee shirt, and Skinny jeans or leggings, your time will be cut drastically shorter in the store. Now, alot of people don’t know why wearing special clothes to the store is important but imagine this, you have 10 things to try on, there are 1 or 2 dressing rooms, it is a $6 bag store day, there are going to be about 3-10 people in front of you, depending on the size of the store….if you have a couple jackets or blouses, try them on over your clothes at a different mirror in the store, it cuts your line waiting and dressing room usage almost in half. Skirts are easily tried on in the middle of the store too. Just make sure to keep your pants on please!! 🙂  Some thrift shops don’t even have dressing rooms, so take my advice, and wear tight easily manageable clothes. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I am not one to walk outside in a skin tight top, I have told you before I’m not a size 6! So I dress up my outfits a little, like I did Saturday. I threw on a swing coat easy flats, and a couple necklaces that I could slide off over my head. TADA!! Easy, I eliminated several pieces without standing in line for the dressing room!!! Here, as stated is a picture of MY perfect thrifting outfit.

Channeling Audrey in my dirty room!

Now I am by no means claiming to be professional organizer, so excuse the overflowing purse tote, and unmade bed! I just wanted to give you an example of easy, chic, shopping outfit! I am slowly making my way towards my frame goals with my jewelry. I bought the frames from the thrift store yesterday; my glue gun today, and now I must find metal mesh, any ideas? I also want to know if you all have any ideas on what to put in the frame for my necklaces. I am thinking of small little metal bars or wooden bars, but I am not sure if they will hold!? Ahh so many things to think about! I welcome any suggestions anyone may have! Ahh I keep looking at my picture going, why was I wearing sunglasses inside? Dramatic effect? We’ll never know. Well until next time beauties. I would love to hear from you all with comments, or ideas. It would be nice to know I’m not writing this blog purely for myself :). Have a wonderful week you all!

W/ Love and Holiday Cheer…

P.S if you would like to view any of my listings on e bay my tag is Katelynn_Elaine. Happy Shopping!


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