New and appropriate obsessions!

17 Dec

 Hello Beauties!

Something that I am seeing a lot of in these cold days, and that I am beginning to like are headscarves. People are getting really creative with these pieces they wear and I love it! The headband-turban is being seen everywhere as are those knit pieces that have maybe a flower or feather detailing. AMAZING! They are beautiful and make any outfit look absolutely adorable with pretty much no effort! If you are having a funky hair day, throw your hair up in a messy bun and put on a knit piece or tie a cute little scarf around your head to jazz it up. If you are having an okay hair day but don’t know what to do to take it to a GREAT hair day, throw on a fashionable turban or a turban headband to take it from okay to beautiful!! Word to the wise…. wear with caution, some of the turbans and headbands they have out are a little ridiculous as with any major fashion trend! If your hat is not a top hat and its adds on another foot with fur or material…….DO NOT DO IT! You look crazy and it also looks like your trying too hard, which is no bueno unless you are in the fashion industry and then in which case you can get away with just about anything, and I mean anything! :/

Very cute for a day out running errands or shoppingMy favorite!! So warm and so cute!

My favorite!! So warm and so cute!

Adorable casual or evening. WARNING: Do not wear your makeup like a ghostly geisha, not attractive


She may be in high fashion in that case, its okay. But out here in the real world, DO NOT WEAR THIS unless your bathing!

Now like I said, there is a way in which NOT to wear these noggin toppers! Lesson to be learned here, winter is fun, clothing wise anyway! Sure we have to dress in many layers, especially up here in the northern states, BRR, but we can always add a little personality and pizzazz to these chilly months, be it a headband, scarf, boot, extra high sock or layered sweater, do it, and have fun with it!! I put a funky scarf in my hair today and I am totally channeling my pretty pin up doll feel!

 On another note, I am pondering taking up sewing! I want to read a couple books and see if I can get the feel for it before I start investing in classes and sewing materials! If anyone can recommend any books or website that would be great! Thank you Cynthia for telling about the shoe pod, ITS ADORABLE!! Until next time beauties, have  a great weekend!

W/ Love

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