Help Im in a small space and I can’t get out!

14 Dec

Hello Beauties!

I am finding myself more and more drawn to the internet, I used to be a television person until I realized I can learn twice as much, switch to what I want to look at when I get bored, and use the knowledge that I have learned to do things for myself and other people! I am currently having issues with decorating my apartment. It is actually quite large but there isn’t a lot of storage space, however quite a few empty walls. So I am in the market for inspiration…

The earrings and necklaces would have their own frames I think


So far I have seen an idea to store my jewelry in old frames that are lined with mesh or metal mesh, I like this idea!! The necklaces of course would have their own frame, however I think the hanging version for the necklaces will have to be slightly different to handle the weight of some of the pieces. Overall I believe chic is the word I am looking for when envisioning what my “displayed” jewelry will look like. I will of course have to thrift these frames, I want them to be unique not a carbon copy of Target or Wal-Mart! I will post pictures of those when they are acquired!

Now onto my current jewelry dilemma…  I have tons of jewelry and the counter space and the pretty jewelry box my husband gave me is not working for my super long necklaces and complicated earrings! I have even resulted in hanging my jewelry from my existing decorations which saddens me seeing as how it makes it look messy and unorganized, and not in a shabby chic sort of way either.

Jewelry Part II

Current jewelry sit. pt 1

If anyone has any other ideas please!! Let me know. I am also looking for ideas to store my ever explanding shoe collection, I have donated 6 boxes of clothing and shoes because I didn’t have room for them, I can’t part with any more!! Your help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you for reading! Have a great Tuesday!

One Response to “Help Im in a small space and I can’t get out!”

  1. Cynthia Peters December 14, 2010 at 5:44 pm #

    Have you ever heard of Rakku Shoe Wheel & Shoe Pod.. google it they are pretty cool… but also this site looks helpful

    Love your blog!!!

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