Did you see what she wore at the Christmas Party! AMAZING!

9 Dec

     The time is here! Where we can wear sequins, heels and bright lipstick! I’m talking holiday parties, Christmas and New Years! I myself have two to attend, the hubby’s and my own. I have been perusing the internet finding some chic outfit ideas and I think I have found a few! If you are stuck in a holiday “ensem” rut, let me help you shake it loose!

Beautiful for a Casual Christmas/NYE Party!

       Now if you are going to a party that is casual or semi casual, jeans are always a good option! They are warmer then most tights, you can dance the night away comfortably, and you can wear just about anything with them. The best way to fab up a pair of plain ol’ jeans is by adding sequins, who doesnt love sequins right!? Sequined blouses are easy to find this time of year both in high end areas as well as Target, Walmart, TJ MAXX and Ross. Pairing a “blouncy” sequined blouse with a tailored jack et and simple pumps is a beautiful way to  make a statement without being put in the same fashion category as the lady with the light up Christmas sweater! The good things about wearing a to like this is that it doesnt take much else to complete the outfit, notice here she is not wearing any statement jewelry or shoes. The top is enought to say “Im hear to party and look good doing it!” Black is always a good way to go. If you want to do a color consider going metallic, silver and gold are a big big color this holiday season. Pair a gold sequined blouse/tank with a black sweater or jacket and you are on point with what is hot this season. BLACK AND GOLD is the new Tiffany and White! LOVE!

InStyle Beautiful Holiday Dresses!


Dresses are wonderful outfits to don as well when it comes to these shindigs. Who doesn’t want to dress up and feel special at their own Christmas party? Its also nice if you work in an environment where you wear jeans all the time or don’t get to show off your fabulous sense of style! Now’s your chance! As stated before, black and gold are an amazing pairing for your parties. Most people look good in gold, if not you can go with the ever-classic red and black! Either way add a little shimmer to your outfit! It’s not very often one can wear a large amount of sequins in one day! With these dresses I would suggest a small cardigan to keep yourself warm, a black wrap, or with most dresses a black blazer looks stunning when paired with a not so structured piece! Now if you do opt for a dress more like the one on the left that is traditional. Jazz it up with some funky jewelry, designed tights, and fun heels (PLEASE NOT ALL TOGETHER). If you do funky tights do a mute heel with jazzy jewelry, if you do crazy shoes keep with the opaque tights, if you do crazy jewelry then I would keep the rest of my outfit muted. A big rule to always remember, KEEP IT TO ONE STATEMENT PEICE! You don’t want people to get dizzy looking at your outfit!

                Whatever you choose to wear to these fabulous parties remember; your strong and beautiful and there to have a good time so loosten up! Have fun beauties and remember to always look your best!

W/ Love and Sparkles!!


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