Winter Wardrobe Tips.

6 Dec

Winter wardrobes can be one of two things; fun layered looks that can express you or….drab dark colors that make you look and feel well..sad. Personally, I love winter looks, I get to hide my problem areas with fun playful layers! I am not however, a small size, I am 5’11 160 lbs! So if you are a little larger, as I am, keep away from some of the winter items that tend to take over the season like chunky knits, overly baggy sweaters, or super high waisted mom pants.

Instead of those pieces stick with belted well fitting cardigans, sweater dresses with tights, blazers with ruffled blouses, or belted ruffled blouses with pencil skirts and thick tights. If you haven’t noticed, belts are our friends, they can make an outfit 10x better if you chose the right one. Another accessory I tend to use quite a bit in winter is the blazer; you can pair it with a nice scarf, a decorative blouse, a business outfit, or jeans and a top to make the look a little more chic. I like to also use flower pins, this season is COCO inspired, which means pearls and flowers with your LBD (little black dress). As an example, take a little black dress, well fitting cardigan with a nice belt cinched above the waist, wear a longer strand of pearls with a flower pinned on the side and you have a great work outfit that will also make it out to night with a little adjusting.

Different Flower Pins for Different OutfitsSweater Dress, Tights, Blazer all in one!Exactly!!

Sweater Dress, Tights, Blazer all in one!



Play with your wardrobe!! Let it be fun, don’t let the cold weather bring you down! Keep in mind with the layering that not everyone can do thick chunky layers, keep your body shape, style and coloring in mind and you’ll look fabulous in this chilly weather! Good luck beauties!

w/ love and holiday greetings!


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