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Another thrift another dollar.

30 Dec

The beauty!

Today was an amazing thrift day, despite the -15 degree weather. I went with one of my girlfriends and introduced her to two shops she has yet to be to in our tiny little town. She found a beautiful never worn Banana Republic blouse that will looked amazing on her with some cute pearls, talk about Stepford! Plus,  I found some rather amazing things myself. At our first venue I found a string of faux pearls that look like the real thing and a woven light brown belt. (Which I have been looking for forever) This was the consignment shop that I love-ish (I was spoiled by my favorite consignment shop SMARTgirls so my standards are pretty high). Then we went to a charity thrift store, here we found her blouse, a vintage mustard cable knit sweater $2.00, BCBGMaxazria Jeans $ 2.00 (originally $145), and duh-duh-duh-duh a vintage faux fur coat with silk lining in mint condition for….drum roll please….$6.00. I am so excited, it is more casual than most vintage coats, and I live in a place, as stated previously, that gets to -15….’nuff said. Here are pictures of my wonderful finds!

My goodies!!

The label in the coat

I had a blast! A lady that was next to us showed me another vintage coat with a trench tie and a real fur detachable collar, but it wasn’t in as good of condition, so I had to choose.  Even though that one probably costs quite a bit more it still would have needed a little bit more TLC then I was ready to commit to, so I went with the beautiful chocolate faux fur which fits like a glove!

 I did want to put in an outfit post. The grey vest and the jeans, boots, etc concludes the outfit I wore to the stores, obviously I put on the vintage sweater later on in the day after washing it, which is when I took the picture J. Well I hope you all are having relaxing last days of 2010! Have a wonderful rest of the year beauties!

LOVE THIS SWEATER, it was a glasses kinda day 🙂


W/ Love and New Years anticipation!


First Outfit Post

28 Dec

I wore this on casual friday, I work in a kindergarten room!

   I am deciding to do an outfit post today, it is my first true outfit inspired piece so be kind! This first ensemble was worn to my kindergarten room on casual Friday. It is a FoxCroft blue plaid blouse with ruffled button line, Ann Taylor oversized sweater (my favorite), Report nude wedges, and F21 dark wash skinnies. The blouse, sweater, shoes, and my silver heart necklace were all from consignment shops or thrifted, which made this outfit comfortable, cute, and affordable. The picture doesn’t do it justice but cut the old girl some slack; I’m just getting warmed up!

Shopping Date with the Hubby

My second outfit was from a shopping date with the hubby. It consists of a PacSun Tank (bought on mega sale), Weavers sweater (consigned), a belt from another shirt, Rue21 Jeans (mega sale), and Blowfish boots gifted by the hubby.  Horrendous hair day I might add, if anyone has any tips for “lazy girl hair styling tips,” please let me know. I will spend all day on clothes but my hair that is a different story. Now back to the main objective here, this outfit was super forgiving, comfortable, and cute! I loved it, we had about a foot of snow outside and the boots were a must! Even thought the weather is ugly it doesn’t mean your outfits have to be! I have been checking out other websites and I am liking what I see, there is so much inspiration on the web these days. Speaking of inspiration, I am reading a new book called “Smart Cookies” it’s about managing your money and is a very interesting yet easy read; I will let you know how it goes later on in the chapters. Well I hope you have a wonderful day beauties! Enjoy your time off! I know I am!

W/ Love and Inspiration

Just wanting to post a few cute outfits today!

21 Dec
Super simple holiday look.. lace top, skinnies, flats and a great bag!
Another fun holiday classic look…LBD with a statement piece and great shoes
Simple Chic for everyday!!

Have a happy mid week beauties!

W/ Love

Ahh coffee and some saturday thrifting!

19 Dec
  Yesterday was my thrift day, I ReSell in order to make a little money on the side. So I needed to stock back up for my e bay account. FUN FUN!! I found a lot of stuff for myself and my house (of course) but I also scored some pretty killer stuff for my account. I found a vintage Paoli scarf that is super cute, green with polka dots, then and Elie Tahari top, I paid about $4.00 for the two of them. I wanted to share some pictures with you because I love love love what I found yesterday!!!

Said scarf, which I love!

Vintage Perfume Tray, which is for me and my paris/audrey inspired bathroom 🙂

 I also wanted to post my outfit, now mind you I do not have a tripod…or enough space to take a full picture so this is the best I have. But, I wanted to show you that when you go hardcore thrift shopping a certain type of clothing can save you TONS of time and TONS of energy. If you wear a basic colored tight tee shirt, and Skinny jeans or leggings, your time will be cut drastically shorter in the store. Now, alot of people don’t know why wearing special clothes to the store is important but imagine this, you have 10 things to try on, there are 1 or 2 dressing rooms, it is a $6 bag store day, there are going to be about 3-10 people in front of you, depending on the size of the store….if you have a couple jackets or blouses, try them on over your clothes at a different mirror in the store, it cuts your line waiting and dressing room usage almost in half. Skirts are easily tried on in the middle of the store too. Just make sure to keep your pants on please!! 🙂  Some thrift shops don’t even have dressing rooms, so take my advice, and wear tight easily manageable clothes. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I am not one to walk outside in a skin tight top, I have told you before I’m not a size 6! So I dress up my outfits a little, like I did Saturday. I threw on a swing coat easy flats, and a couple necklaces that I could slide off over my head. TADA!! Easy, I eliminated several pieces without standing in line for the dressing room!!! Here, as stated is a picture of MY perfect thrifting outfit.

Channeling Audrey in my dirty room!

Now I am by no means claiming to be professional organizer, so excuse the overflowing purse tote, and unmade bed! I just wanted to give you an example of easy, chic, shopping outfit! I am slowly making my way towards my frame goals with my jewelry. I bought the frames from the thrift store yesterday; my glue gun today, and now I must find metal mesh, any ideas? I also want to know if you all have any ideas on what to put in the frame for my necklaces. I am thinking of small little metal bars or wooden bars, but I am not sure if they will hold!? Ahh so many things to think about! I welcome any suggestions anyone may have! Ahh I keep looking at my picture going, why was I wearing sunglasses inside? Dramatic effect? We’ll never know. Well until next time beauties. I would love to hear from you all with comments, or ideas. It would be nice to know I’m not writing this blog purely for myself :). Have a wonderful week you all!

W/ Love and Holiday Cheer…

P.S if you would like to view any of my listings on e bay my tag is Katelynn_Elaine. Happy Shopping!

New and appropriate obsessions!

17 Dec

 Hello Beauties!

Something that I am seeing a lot of in these cold days, and that I am beginning to like are headscarves. People are getting really creative with these pieces they wear and I love it! The headband-turban is being seen everywhere as are those knit pieces that have maybe a flower or feather detailing. AMAZING! They are beautiful and make any outfit look absolutely adorable with pretty much no effort! If you are having a funky hair day, throw your hair up in a messy bun and put on a knit piece or tie a cute little scarf around your head to jazz it up. If you are having an okay hair day but don’t know what to do to take it to a GREAT hair day, throw on a fashionable turban or a turban headband to take it from okay to beautiful!! Word to the wise…. wear with caution, some of the turbans and headbands they have out are a little ridiculous as with any major fashion trend! If your hat is not a top hat and its adds on another foot with fur or material…….DO NOT DO IT! You look crazy and it also looks like your trying too hard, which is no bueno unless you are in the fashion industry and then in which case you can get away with just about anything, and I mean anything! :/

Very cute for a day out running errands or shoppingMy favorite!! So warm and so cute!

My favorite!! So warm and so cute!

Adorable casual or evening. WARNING: Do not wear your makeup like a ghostly geisha, not attractive


She may be in high fashion in that case, its okay. But out here in the real world, DO NOT WEAR THIS unless your bathing!

Now like I said, there is a way in which NOT to wear these noggin toppers! Lesson to be learned here, winter is fun, clothing wise anyway! Sure we have to dress in many layers, especially up here in the northern states, BRR, but we can always add a little personality and pizzazz to these chilly months, be it a headband, scarf, boot, extra high sock or layered sweater, do it, and have fun with it!! I put a funky scarf in my hair today and I am totally channeling my pretty pin up doll feel!

 On another note, I am pondering taking up sewing! I want to read a couple books and see if I can get the feel for it before I start investing in classes and sewing materials! If anyone can recommend any books or website that would be great! Thank you Cynthia for telling about the shoe pod, ITS ADORABLE!! Until next time beauties, have  a great weekend!

W/ Love

Help Im in a small space and I can’t get out!

14 Dec

Hello Beauties!

I am finding myself more and more drawn to the internet, I used to be a television person until I realized I can learn twice as much, switch to what I want to look at when I get bored, and use the knowledge that I have learned to do things for myself and other people! I am currently having issues with decorating my apartment. It is actually quite large but there isn’t a lot of storage space, however quite a few empty walls. So I am in the market for inspiration…

The earrings and necklaces would have their own frames I think


So far I have seen an idea to store my jewelry in old frames that are lined with mesh or metal mesh, I like this idea!! The necklaces of course would have their own frame, however I think the hanging version for the necklaces will have to be slightly different to handle the weight of some of the pieces. Overall I believe chic is the word I am looking for when envisioning what my “displayed” jewelry will look like. I will of course have to thrift these frames, I want them to be unique not a carbon copy of Target or Wal-Mart! I will post pictures of those when they are acquired!

Now onto my current jewelry dilemma…  I have tons of jewelry and the counter space and the pretty jewelry box my husband gave me is not working for my super long necklaces and complicated earrings! I have even resulted in hanging my jewelry from my existing decorations which saddens me seeing as how it makes it look messy and unorganized, and not in a shabby chic sort of way either.

Jewelry Part II

Current jewelry sit. pt 1

If anyone has any other ideas please!! Let me know. I am also looking for ideas to store my ever explanding shoe collection, I have donated 6 boxes of clothing and shoes because I didn’t have room for them, I can’t part with any more!! Your help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you for reading! Have a great Tuesday!

Did you see what she wore at the Christmas Party! AMAZING!

9 Dec

     The time is here! Where we can wear sequins, heels and bright lipstick! I’m talking holiday parties, Christmas and New Years! I myself have two to attend, the hubby’s and my own. I have been perusing the internet finding some chic outfit ideas and I think I have found a few! If you are stuck in a holiday “ensem” rut, let me help you shake it loose!

Beautiful for a Casual Christmas/NYE Party!

       Now if you are going to a party that is casual or semi casual, jeans are always a good option! They are warmer then most tights, you can dance the night away comfortably, and you can wear just about anything with them. The best way to fab up a pair of plain ol’ jeans is by adding sequins, who doesnt love sequins right!? Sequined blouses are easy to find this time of year both in high end areas as well as Target, Walmart, TJ MAXX and Ross. Pairing a “blouncy” sequined blouse with a tailored jack et and simple pumps is a beautiful way to  make a statement without being put in the same fashion category as the lady with the light up Christmas sweater! The good things about wearing a to like this is that it doesnt take much else to complete the outfit, notice here she is not wearing any statement jewelry or shoes. The top is enought to say “Im hear to party and look good doing it!” Black is always a good way to go. If you want to do a color consider going metallic, silver and gold are a big big color this holiday season. Pair a gold sequined blouse/tank with a black sweater or jacket and you are on point with what is hot this season. BLACK AND GOLD is the new Tiffany and White! LOVE!

InStyle Beautiful Holiday Dresses!


Dresses are wonderful outfits to don as well when it comes to these shindigs. Who doesn’t want to dress up and feel special at their own Christmas party? Its also nice if you work in an environment where you wear jeans all the time or don’t get to show off your fabulous sense of style! Now’s your chance! As stated before, black and gold are an amazing pairing for your parties. Most people look good in gold, if not you can go with the ever-classic red and black! Either way add a little shimmer to your outfit! It’s not very often one can wear a large amount of sequins in one day! With these dresses I would suggest a small cardigan to keep yourself warm, a black wrap, or with most dresses a black blazer looks stunning when paired with a not so structured piece! Now if you do opt for a dress more like the one on the left that is traditional. Jazz it up with some funky jewelry, designed tights, and fun heels (PLEASE NOT ALL TOGETHER). If you do funky tights do a mute heel with jazzy jewelry, if you do crazy shoes keep with the opaque tights, if you do crazy jewelry then I would keep the rest of my outfit muted. A big rule to always remember, KEEP IT TO ONE STATEMENT PEICE! You don’t want people to get dizzy looking at your outfit!

                Whatever you choose to wear to these fabulous parties remember; your strong and beautiful and there to have a good time so loosten up! Have fun beauties and remember to always look your best!

W/ Love and Sparkles!!