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Good News is here!!

6 Oct

We finally have been told we can sign our lease after, 3.5 weeks! I am so excited. This will be our first apartment for just the two of us, and obviously our very first married apartment!! I think I am more excited just to be able to cook in my own kitchen again and start trying new recipes, which I will also be posting on here!! My first stop will be something with pumpkins, keeping with the festivities of course!! It will be amazing just to have that option!! You take for granted having your own place and your own freedoms until its taken away or thrown into limbo by circumstances outside of your control. Just eating alone is a chore when you are staying at someone’s home or in a hotel! Crazy, I have no gotten to feel like a real wife, sad but true, I am just working and coming home to sit on the couch. I did however make it to the gym, once…. :). Either way, well more to come on the moving in and I picked up a few GREAT home decorations at the thrift store that I will be posting pictures of as soon as we get everything up and running!!

W/ love and excitement