Breaking into the world of second hand!!

29 Sep

I have, I’m excited to say, found a consignment shop I never knew existed and some promising thrift stores!! Now if  you don’t know the difference between thrift and consignment let me explain a little something to you because this could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on apparel if you like brand name pieces. Good consignment shops are gently used clothes that have already been looked over and cleaned for you, most of the time GOOD consignment shops take only higher brand name items in order to bring the high-end clothes to us that don’t have $600 to drop on a purse. Most consignment is at least 70% off the retail price!! Granted if you are not into labels and shopping generic clothing brands works for you, then thrifting and consignment shopping may not be such a money saver for you! However, if you like your labels, and love bargain shopping with the thrill of the chase try out your local thrift stores or consignment shops. NOW, if you really want to pay bottom dollar, you love the excitement of searching for good pieces and unique items, and don’t mind spending a little extra shopping time, thrifting is the right path for you. With consignment you are paying a little more so you don’t have to look through and inspect the clothes, but with thrifting you need search through and pay attention to the clothes but you save the extra couple dollars!!

I have some pretty top notch clothes including Juicy Couture, Arden B, J. Crew, Coach, Dolce & Gabanna, Citizens of Humanity, D2…..I havent even spent over 1,000 dollars on all of those pieces. Dolce alone costs $2000 and up for a purse, I paid$100. Like I said, $100 is still a little steep for a purse, however, I like labels if I can find them so I am willing to pay a little more if they are worth it. Household products are also something to look forward to, ESPECIALLY if you are a handy or creative person, which I am not. But I’ve seen some of the most amazing things come out a thrift store and be fixed up or revamped to look like its worth $100 when they paid $1.00! However, one disclaimer I would have if purchasing household products, lay off the sheets, towels, hair products, cloth couches or beds. You don’t know how they took care of things and unless you have very strong cleaner, it may not be sanitary to pick up those products from thrift stores. In either case I would strongly suggest checking out your local thrift and consignment stores, you may find that painting or dining set you have been wanting but can’t afford!!

“Cannot people realize how large an income is thrift?”  -Cicero

w/ love and thrifty-ness

p.s. Try going to these stores on sale days, most have dollar days where everything is a dollar, or particular color tags are 50% off!! You come out with some smokin’ deals!!

P.P.S- If you are ever in the town of Prescott/Prescott Valley, Arizona, stop by a consignment shop by the name of “SMARTgirls Resale Fashion,” it is my previous working establishement, owned by some of the most beautiful (inside and out) women you will ever meet! They have quality higher end labels. (j. crew, juicy, coach, Ann Taylor) and also some quality lower price items as well such as Old Navy, Pac Sun, Anchor Blue and American Eagle! They are a chic shopping stop specializing in helping women feel like the best versions of themselves, when you walk in you feel like your walking into a MOD- Boutique, beautifully decorated, and wonderfully staffed. The ladies will help you find anything your looking for and, if you like, will also help you shop a little around the store with the correct staff available! So please stop on in and enjoy their company and their wonderful prices and clothes!!


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